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More Hybrid Rudiments

I’ve just added three additional downloads to the Hybrid Rudiments page. These include:

Sheet 3

  • Cupcakes – a Flamacue Drag with accented flams on the first and second notes
  • Opies – a five note pattern, sticked RLLRL or LRRLR, with a flam on the fifth note of each
  • Parabuzzle – a Paradiddle with the fourth note buzzed/crushed
  • Kramer – a Pataflafla with cheese on the fourth note
  • Flyz – two Swiss Army Triplets, with the second note of each buzzed/crushed, followed by a Flam Tap

Sheet 4

  • Didda-let – a single accented stroke followed by a double stroke; a common variation reverses the order
  • Dragateenth – a group of four 16th notes played as alternating strokes with the first note diddled (double stroke/drag)
  • Side Flamadiddle – a four note grouping sticked RLLL or LRRR with a flam on the first note of each
  • Four Note Swiss Army Triplet – a Swiss Army Triplet with an extra note on the same hand after the flam
  • Cheese-Ka – a Four Note Swiss Army Triplet with an accent on the fourth note; also called “Aaron Swiss”

Sheet 5

  • Gallops – a Didda-let with a flam on the second note; when played properly this produces a “galloping” sound
  • Puguda – a Didda-let followed by an accented note
  • Shirley Murphy – a single stroke + double stroke + triple stroke; also called “1-2-3”, “Murphs”, “Murfs” or “Shirley Murphies”
  • Pataflaka – a Cheese-Ka with an extra flam on the fourth note
  • Side Cheeseadiddle – a Side Flamadiddle with cheese on the first flam of each

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