My Humble Recommendations

Steve Weiss Music –
Lone Star Percussion –
Columbus Percussion –
Percussion Source –

Sticks (Concert):
Vic Firth SD1 General (purchase)
Vic Firth SD2 Bolero (purchase)

Vic Firth 5BN Nylon Tip (purchase)

American Drum Cymbal Sticks (CS9) (purchase)

Sticks (Marching):
Promark DC10 (purchase)

Vic Firth STH Thom Hannum (purchase)


Liberty 1 Series LLB (Lexan/Birch) – for bells and xylophone (purchase)

Promark A-XYLO2 1 1/8″ (Lexan) – for bells and xylophone (purchase)
Musser M23 (Lexan) – for bells and xylophone (purchase)

Modern Reading Text in 4/4
Podemski’s Standard Snare Drum Method
14 Modern Contest Solos for Snare Drum
The New Pratt Book

Practice Pads:

HQ 6″ RealFeel 2-Sided

HQ 12″ RealFeel 2-Sided

Stick Bags:
Liberty I Stick and Mallet Bag – the perfect all-purpose bag, big enough for a variety of sticks and mallets

Liberty I Basic Stick Bag – great bag for beginners, holds 8 pairs of sticks and mallets

2 responses to “My Humble Recommendations

  • Alex Un Poco

    What do you think about Liberty I timpany mallets?
    Are they good? Cuz I’m thinking about buying some


    • Kyle

      Hello! If you’re referring to the Liberty 1 mallets sold by Steve Weiss then I believe you will not be disappointed. I’ve not used these myself but have purchased keyboard mallets from this line, which is exclusive to Steve Weiss. The quality is excellent and the price unbeatable. I hope this helps.
      Thanks for visiting!


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