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New Video – Three Camps

A new video is uploaded to the Drummin’ Around Channel @drumminaround. This one is the traditional solo “Three Camps” from “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor,” 1869. If you like it and the channel please like and subscribe. Happy Drumming!

Army 2/4

Available now for your drumming pleasure is “Army 2/4”, a fun solo from 1862. It’s available on the Rudimental Solos resource page. Also available is a new video of yours truly performing this solo on the official Drummin’ Around YouTube channel @drumminaround. Happy Drumming!


Drummin’ Around has an official YouTube Channel! Check it out here @drumminaround. I’ll be updating regularly to expand the available videos. Current videos of me playing (attempting?) some classic snare drum solos include “Hell on the Wabash,” “Downfall of Paris” and “Connecticut Halftime.” Eventually I’ll have videos of all solos available for download in the Rudimental Solos section.

Check it out, like and follow! Thanks so much for your continued support and Happy Drumming!

Crazy Army

Another fun rudimental solo called Crazy Army has been added to Resources under Rudimental Solos. Enjoy and happy drumming!

New Resources

Some new resources have been added with more to come!

The 40 Essential Rudiments

Paddy on the Handcar

Both are downloadable PDFs. Enjoy and happy drumming!

Print version available!

My self-published book “Rudimental Solos for Snare Drum for the Advanced Drummer” is once again available for purchase. The book contains eight original solos for snare drum and has been expanded to include five traditional rudimental solos every snare player should know. Print version is $12.95 and the e-book is just $7.00.

“Rosebud Reel” added to Rudimental Solos

A new page has been added to the growing collection of Rudimental Solos with downloads for “Rosebud Reel.” “Rosebud Reel” is the predecessor of what we now call “Connecticut Halftime.” It appears on page 26 of “Col. H.C. Hart’s New and Improved Instructor for the Drum” by Col. H.C. Hart, 1862. In each of the downloads, a copy of the original “Rosebud Reel” is provided exactly as it appears in Hart’s “Instructor,” as well as the fife part.

Strube’s “Three Camps”

My arrangement of Bruce and Emmett’s ” Three Camps” included a change in one of the roll patterns from a 9-stroke roll to an 11-stroke roll. I did this because it flowed better in today’s rudimental style. Turns out Gardiner A. Strube’s version of “Three Camps” from his 1869 manual “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor” already did this. I have removed the previous file and replaced it with the Strube version. Thank you Will Chappell for bringing this to my attention.

Three Camps – from “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor”, 1869

New downloads available

I’ve just completed some work on “Downfall of Paris.” The following are available for download in the Resources section:

Downfall of Paris (Fife & Drum) – as it appears in “Col. H. C. Hart’s New and Improved Instructor for the Drum,” 1862

Downfall of Paris (Fife only) – as it appears in “Col. H. C. Hart’s New and Improved Instructor for the Drum,” 1862

Downfall of Paris (Drum only) – as it appears in “Col. H. C. Hart’s New and Improved Instructor for the Drum,” 1862

Downfall of Paris – a comparison of the drum parts as they appear in Col. Hart’s manual and Bruce & Emmett’s manual


Enjoy! And as always, if you have any input, suggestions or words of wisdom to share, please feel free to Contact me.

New Solo Added

I’ve just added a new, or maybe I should say old, solo to the Rudimental Solos list. “Connecticut Halftime” dates back to the Civil War and possibly even sooner. Check it out along with the other great traditional solos.

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