Snare Drum Anatomy

Upper Anatomy:

  1. Batter head, or top head
  2. Rim, hoop or batter hoop
  3. Muffler tension knob
  4. Tension rod casing
  5. Vent
  6. Shell
  7. Tension rods – upper and lower often share the tension rod casing but adjust independently of each other to allow for the tuning of the batter and snare heads
  8. Snare strainer – allows for the fine-tuning of the snares by adjusting the knob, referred to as the snare strainer adjustment screw
  9. Snare strainer release/throw-off/control lever – releases or engages the snares located under the drum

Lower Anatomy:

  1. Snare gate
  2. Snares, or snare assembly
  3. Rim, hoop or snare hoop
  4. Snare head – sometimes called the resonant or bottom head

Interior Anatomy:

  1. Muffler, or muffler assembly – proper adjustment of the muffler will remove any ringing sound the snare drum has; not all snare drums have the muffler

Download this page as a PDF.

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