My name is Kyle Drinkard. My life-long passion for percussion began at age 9 when I attended my first band concert. I knew then I wanted to play percussion, and at age 11, in the sixth grade beginning band program, I did just that. I’ve been playing ever since, 30 years and counting. In 1989, I received the John Philip Sousa Award for “superior musicianship and outstanding dedication.” I marched snare drum with the Troy State University “Sound of the South” Marching Band from 1989-1994. Also during that time, while majoring in Music Education, I performed with the Troy State University Symphonic Band directed by Dr. John M. Long. I have performed under the baton of such notable directors as Frederick Fennell, Dr. William Revelli, Col. John Bourgeois and Dr. Harry Begian. I am a member of the Percussive Arts Society, the United States Association of Rudimental Drummers and currently serve as percussion instructor for the Bainbridge High School Bands in Bainbridge, GA.

One response to “Biography

  • Gary Hobbs

    what’s up beek!!! Boy funny I came across this link. The old days at Charles Henderson and Troy State were great. Drop me a line.


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