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New Video – Three Camps

A new video is uploaded to the Drummin’ Around Channel @drumminaround. This one is the traditional solo “Three Camps” from “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor,” 1869. If you like it and the channel please like and subscribe. Happy Drumming!

Strube’s “Three Camps”

My arrangement of Bruce and Emmett’s ” Three Camps” included a change in one of the roll patterns from a 9-stroke roll to an 11-stroke roll. I did this because it flowed better in today’s rudimental style. Turns out Gardiner A. Strube’s version of “Three Camps” from his 1869 manual “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor” already did this. I have removed the previous file and replaced it with the Strube version. Thank you Will Chappell for bringing this to my attention.

Three Camps – from “Strube’s Drum and Fife Instructor”, 1869

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