My first iPad

For the past year plus (maybe two), I’ve explored options to go paperless with the primary focus being while teaching Drum Camp. I wanted something small enough to be portable and lightweight, but with a screen large enough I could easily read my scores. And not expensive. For me this ruled out iPads so I never considered that an option. Also, I’m a longtime user of all things Google and am deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem.

Devices I’ve considered include Amazon’s line of tablets, Samsung, and even a purchased Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop. But each had shortcomings that were deal breakers for me. Screen size too small, resolution too low resulting in blurry screens, overpriced, too fragile. The list goes on.

My wife used an iPad (purchased through our mobile carrier) for various work-related tasks. She liked it but never raved about it. I’m the tech enthusiast of the family, but because I’m a Google fan, I barely gave her iPad a look. Then about a month ago she decided the iPad was no longer needed for its purchased purpose, so she passed it along to me hoping it would end my search. And boy did it.

In the short amount of time I’ve been using it, I’ve quickly realized it does exactly what I need it to do and so much more. First, it’s the iPad 7th generation. An older model yes, but that’s ok. The screen clarity is incredible, the size and weight are perfect, and because my wife destroys technology with the ferocity of a charging bull, the case we put it in protects it quite well.

I’ve decided that other music educators and more specifically, percussion instructors, might benefit from my journey. The apps, the method, the implementation, the setup. So you’re invited to join me as I explore all the possibilities. I’ll be writing and posting here so check back often to read more about my iPad journey!

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