Another Dose of Hybrid Rudiments

Greetings all! I’ve added 4 more sheets to the Hybrid Rudiments page. This round includes:

Hybrid Rudiments – Sheet 6 (a bit of fun with flams)

  • Flama-Singles – a group of four single strokes with a flam on the first note
  • Flam-a-Flam – a group of three single strokes with flams on the first and third notes
  • Flamacue-Diddle – a Flam Paradiddle combined with a Flamacue by accenting the second note of each
  • Flama Chuck – a Pataflafla with an extra flam on the third note
  • Flaflam Drag – a Paradiddle with the first note flammed, the second note diddled and an accented flam on the fourth note

Hybrid Rudiments – Sheet 7

  • Zigiddy Bops – an Alternating Single Stroke Three with an accented drag/double stroke on the first note of each
  • Parafladdle – a Paradiddle with an accented flam on the third note; similar to a Choo Choo; also called a Tapafladdle
  • Flama Chucka Diddle – a Flama Chuck played with Paradiddle sticking
  • Fuzz Taps – a Flam Tap where the primary stroke of the flam is a buzz/crush
  • Churruckitahs – a Flamacue-Diddle with Cheese on the first flam; also called Cheeseacue-Diddle, Cheese Flamacue Diddle

Hybrid Rudiments – Sheet 8

  • Flam Drag-a-poo – Flama-Singles with drags/double strokes on the second and fourth notes
  • Flammed 3-2-1 – a Reverse Shirley Murphy with a flam on the first note of each, sticked following the format 3-2-1
  • Chatachichi – a Paradiddle with flams on the first, second and third notes followed by another flam on the same hand
  • Flam Stutters – a group of three notes, sticked RLL or LRR, with Cheese on the first note
  • Flam Five – a Five Stroke Roll with a flam on the first note; usually played with the Flam Accent sticking

Hybrid Rudiments – Sheet 9 (in this one, the first two build on one another, as do the last three)

  • Eggbeaters – a triple stroke followed by a double stroke; played as quintuplets or in 5/8; also called “Fyvie Five”
  • Chinese Fives – an Eggbeater with the first three notes played as 16th note triplets and the last two played as 16th notes
  • Deviled Eggs – a triple stroke then two double strokes, with the first note accented; played as septuplets or in 7/8
  • Slevens – Deviled Eggs with a flam on the first note; played as septuplets or in 7/8; also called “Flam Deviled Eggs”
  • Flam Devils – Slevens with additional flams on the fourth and sixth notes; played as septuplets or in 7/8

Each sheet is available for free download on the Hybrid Rudiments page. And if you like what you see at Drummin’ Around and think others would too, please remember to share on your favorite social media outlet. Thanks for visiting!

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